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The Man Who Understood Women

Hollywood producer's (Henry Fonda) movie-star wife falls for a Frenchman on the Riviera.

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The Man Who Understood Women


Comedy drama105 Mins1959

Movie producer Willi Bauche (Henry Fonda) is so obsessed with planning the career of his starlet wife, Ann (Leslie Caron), that he has neglected to make her feel loved. Frustrated with his lack of attention, Ann quits the business and runs off with soldier Marco Ranieri (Cesare Danova). Willi becomes so upset that, while drunk, he orders a hit on Marco -- but then realizes that Ann is also in danger. He rushes to save her, trying to finally show the love that he neglected for so long.


  • Spirited
  • Charming
  • Suspenseful
  • Passionate