Dishonored Lady

Dishonored Lady

An editor (Hedy Lamarr) dating a doctor (Dennis O'Keefe) may have shot her ex-beau (John Loder).

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Dishonored Lady


Crime drama85 Mins1947

Beautiful art editor Madeleine Damian (Hedy Lamarr) carries on numerous loveless affairs. After a failed relationship with advertiser Felix Courtland (John Loder), the increasingly depressed Madeleine attempts suicide. When Jack Garet (William Lundigan), her secretary and former lover, tries to blackmail her, Madeleine resigns and seeks a reclusive life. Neighbor David Cousins (Dennis O'Keefe) befriends Madeleine, but soon Courtland and Garet discover her whereabouts and disrupt her new life.


  • Bleak
  • Melodramatic