True Heart Susie

True Heart Susie

Country girl's (Lillian Gish) sweetheart (Robert Harron) marries wild Chicago milliner.

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True Heart Susie


Romance, Comedy drama87 Mins1919

In a country town, Susie (Lillian Gish), innocent and big-hearted, quietly gives money to William Jenkins (Robert Harron), a man she secretly yearns for, so he can attend college. After he graduates, he returns and becomes the town's minister. However, he never realizes how Susie feels about him and ignores her in favor of Bettina Hopkins (Clarine Seymour), a wild and unfaithful girl who steals his heart. Susie must then find a way to show William that she has loved him all along.


  • Melodramatic
  • Tender
  • Passionate
  • Touching