Pier 5, Havana

Pier 5, Havana

An American (Cameron Mitchell) looks for a friend in Cuba and spots a plot to overthrow Castro.

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Pier 5, Havana


Adventure68 Mins1959

Miami businessman Steve Daggett (Cameron Mitchell) arrives in Havana in the wake of the revolution, looking for his army buddy Hank (Logan Field), a hard-drinking mechanic who has suddenly vanished. Steve follows a trail that leads him to the apartment of his old flame -- Hank's current wife, Monica (Allison Hayes) -- and to a boat shop where he is beaten up by strangers and warned to leave Cuba. He discovers that Hank's disappearance is linked to a conspiracy to depose Fidel Castro.


  • Thrilling
  • Suspenseful
  • Intense
  • Crafty