Rough Riders' Round-Up

Rough Riders' Round-Up

A singing Roughrider (Roy Rogers) joins the border patrol and nabs a gang of gold thieves.

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Rough Riders' Round-Up


Western55 Mins1939

Roy Rogers (Roy Rogers) and a couple of his Rough Rider buddies -- Rusty (Raymond Hatton) and Tommy (Eddie Acuff) -- join the Border Patrol. First, they successfully find missing young woman Dorothy Blair (Mary Hart). They then try to track down bandit Arizona Jack (William Pawley). During the chase, Tommy is killed by Jack, and Roy and Rusty decide to cross the border into Mexico to find the outlaw. But Jack has plenty of reinforcements waiting, and Roy and Rusty may be in over their heads.


  • Gripping
  • Rousing
  • Spirited