It Rains in My Village

It Rains in My Village

Schoolteacher (Annie Girardot) seduces Yugoslav swineherd (Ivan Palúch).

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It Rains in My Village


Drama82 Mins1969

Trisa (Ivan Palúch) takes time from tending his pigs to defend Goca (Eva Ras), a disabled girl, from ridicule. His actions inspire his nemesis, a barkeep, to wait until Trisa is drunk and then have a priest marry him to Goca. Later, the sultry Reza (Annie Girardot) takes a job teaching at the local school, and Trisa falls for her, but she is unwilling to date a married man. As Trisa's lustful desperation grows, he debates murdering Goca in order to get closer to Reza.


  • Bleak
  • Disheartening
  • Somber