Devil's Angels

Devil's Angels

A motorcycle outlaw (John Cassavetes) and his gang, the Skulls, scoff at small-town law and order.

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Devil's Angels


Action84 Mins1967R

Motorcycle riders the Skulls enjoy swilling booze, smoking grass and bullying squares, but, when one of their members commits a hit-and-run, the gang must go on the lam. While hiding out in a small town, they pick up local beauty queen Marianne (Mimsy Farmer). But, after an embarrassment at a rowdy party, she turns on the boys and falsely accuses their leader, Cody (John Cassavetes), of rape. When the ultra-cool Cody winds up in jail, the enraged Skulls begin terrorizing the locals.


  • Cool
  • Wild
  • Outlandish
  • Campy