Rio Bravo

Rio Bravo

Sheriff (John Wayne) and deputies (Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson) try to hold rancher's brother in jail.

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Rio Bravo


Western141 Mins1959

When gunslinger Joe Burdette (Claude Akins) kills a man in a saloon, Sheriff John T. Chance (John Wayne) arrests him with the aid of the town drunk, Dude (Dean Martin). Before long, Burdette's brother, Nathan (John Russell), comes around, indicating that he's prepared to bust his brother out of jail if necessary. Chance decides to make a stand until reinforcements arrive, enlisting Dude, an old cripple named Stumpy (Walter Brennan) and baby-faced cowboy Colorado Ryan (Ricky Nelson) to help.


  • Amusing
  • Tense
  • Mushy
  • Gutsy