The Duke Is Tops

The Duke Is Tops

Singer (Lena Horne) leaves her medicine-show buddies (Ralph Cooper, Lawrence Criner) for New York.

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The Duke Is Tops


Musical, Romance72 Mins1938

Duke Davis (Ralph Cooper) is the tireless promoter of his songstress sweetheart, Ethel Andrews (Lena Horne). Duke believes in her singing talent, and, when she gets an offer to perform in New York City, he implores her to accept it. Unwilling, however, to abandon her beau for a rival promoter, Ethel refuses to take the booking. Undeterred, Duke hatches a selfless scheme that, while it may lead Ethel to stardom in the Big Apple, also risks driving her away from him forever.


  • Inspiring
  • Spirited
  • Emotional