The Silver Horde

The Silver Horde

Floozy (Evelyn Brent) and socialite (Jean Arthur) lure salmon fisherman (Joel McCrea).

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The Silver Horde


Adventure76 Mins1930

Alaskan businesswoman Cherry Malotte (Evelyn Brent) wants to woo Boyd Emerson (Joel McCrea), so she gets a fishing job for the handsome stranger. Although Boyd doesn't return her affections -- he pines for another woman, Mildred Wayland (Jean Arthur) -- he happily accepts the work. But when Boyd learns that Frederick Marsh (Gavin Gordon), a well-connected man who also loves Mildred, is trying to scuttle his chance of earning a living, he realizes he might have to deal with this romantic rival.


  • Emotional
  • Engaging
  • Gripping