Twice Told Tales

Twice Told Tales

Tales: "Dr. Heidegger's Experiment," "Rappaccini's Daughter," "The House of the Seven Gables."

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Twice Told Tales


Horror119 Mins1963

Vincent Price stars in three horror stories. In "Dr. Heidegger's Experiment," Dr. Carl Heidegger (Sebastian Cabot) reanimates his long-dead fiancée. In "Rappacini's Daughter," psychotically over-protective father Giacomo Rappacini (Price) injects his daughter, Beatrice (Joyce Taylor), full of poisons that kill anyone she comes into physical contact with. Finally, in "The House of the Seven Gables," Gerald Pyncheon (Price) moves into his cursed family mansion with his new wife.


  • Eerie
  • Shocking