Mimic 3: Sentinel

Mimic 3: Sentinel

An invalid (Karl Geary) witnesses giant bug attacks from his window.

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Mimic 3: Sentinel


Horror, Thriller77 Mins2003R

Marvin (Karl Geary), who is hypersensitive to germs, stays inside taking photos of his neighbors, including a suspicious figure he dubs "The Garbageman" (Lance Henriksen) and a pretty woman named Carmen (Rebecca Mader). He lives with his mother (Amanda Plummer) and sister, Rosy (Alexis Dziena), who spends time with the local drug dealer. When people begin to disappear, Marvin starts playing detective but he's soon in over his head when a mutant insect species known as the Judas Breed returns.


  • Suspenseful
  • Chilling
  • Frightening