Red Sonja

Red Sonja

A sword-swinging heroine assembles a motley entourage en route to an evil queen's remote castle.

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Red Sonja


Fantasy, Action, Adventure89 Mins1985PG-13

Power-hungry Queen Gedren (Sandahl Bergman) captures the priestesses guarding the Talisman, a mystical orb that created and can destroy the world. But one of the priestesses escapes and seeks out her warrior sister, Red Sonja (Brigitte Nielsen), to warn her about Gedren's plan for world domination. Lord Kalidor (Arnold Schwarzenegger), the Talisman's keeper, insists on helping Sonja, and though she scorns the assistance of any man, she soon gains respect for Kalidor's fighting prowess.


  • Campy
  • Melodramatic