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Underworld: Awakening

Vampire warrior Selene escapes imprisonment to find that humans are killing vampires and lycans.

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Underworld: Awakening


Fantasy, Action, Horror89 Mins2012R

In the years since she and her human-lycan lover, Michael, defeated Elder Marcus, vampire warrior Selene (Kate Beckinsale) has been taken captive by humans, while they wage an all-out war against both lycans and vampires. Awakening after more than a decade, Selene discovers that Michael is dead, but that she has given birth to his daughter, Eve. Shunned by nearly all surviving vampires, save one (Theo James), even Selene seems powerless against her latest opponent: a genetically enhanced lycan.


  • Frenetic
  • Thrilling
  • Gory
  • Intense
  • Dark