The Adventures of the American Rabbit

The Adventures of the American Rabbit

Mild-mannered Rob Rabbit turns into a red-white-and-blue cartoon hero.

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The Adventures of the American Rabbit


Children, Fantasy, Animated85 Mins1986G

This animated film features Rob Rabbit (Barry Gordon), who's not your typical bunny. After saving his friends at a picnic, Rob realizes he can turn into a superhero, decked out in a star-spangled flag and roller skates. He moves to the city and gets a job at a piano bar, where the owners are being hassled by jackals. Rob tries fighting them by raising money to start a union so that they don't have to pay for protection. But when the jackals refuse to lay off, Rob must break out his superpowers.


  • Amusing
  • Lighthearted
  • Madcap