Three Amigos!

Three Amigos!

Silly silent-film cowboys (Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, Martin Short) go to Mexico.

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Three Amigos!


Western, Comedy105 Mins1986PG

Three cowboy movie stars from the silent era -- Dusty Bottoms (Chevy Chase), Lucky Day (Steve Martin) and Ned Nederlander (Martin Short) -- are fired when one of their movies bombs. In what seems to be a career-saving offer, young Mexican woman Carmen (Patrice Martinez) offers them a high-paying gig in her village. The three jump at the opportunity, expecting to do their typical act, but Carmen believes they are really heroes and asks them to rid her village of bad guy El Guapo (Alfonso Arau).


  • Madcap
  • Amusing
  • Lighthearted
  • Endearing